Andhra Pradesh Excise (Grant of licence of selling by shop and conditions of licence) Rules, 2019

Aug 26, 2019 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

The State Government of Andhra Pradesh on August 22, 2019 has published the Andhra Pradesh Excise (Grant of licence of selling by shop and conditions of licence) Rules, 2019 in supersession of the Andhra Pradesh Excise (Grant of licence of selling by Shop and conditions of licence) Rules, 2012.

These Rules shall apply for the grant of licence for selling Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and Foreign Liquor (FL) in retail by Shop, conditions governing such licence and transport of IMFL and FL by such licence holder.

The Rules will extend to all the areas where the Andhra Pradesh Excise Act, 1986 is in force and it will come into force with effect from October 01, 2019.

Ø  Establishment of Shops: Subject to such directions, which the Government may issue in this regard from time to time, the Commissioner of Prohibition and Excise, having due regard to the requirement, public order, health, safety and other factors as he thinks fit, may fix the number of Shops to be established a Village/ Nagar Panchayat/ Municipality/ Municipal Corporation.

Ø  Application for Grant of Licence: The Andhra Pradesh State Beverages Corporation Limited or any other corporation wholly owned and controlled and authorized in this behalf by the Government shall make an application in Form A-1 to the Commissioner of Prohibition and Excise for grant of license of selling by shop.

Ø  Grant of Licence: On application, the Commissioner of Prohibition and Excise shall grant Licence in Form A-2 for sale of IMFL and FL in retail.

Ø  Period of the license and commencement of business: Every licence shall be valid for twelve months commencing from October 01 and ending on September 30.

Ø  Renewal of Licence: The Licensing Authority may, on payment of annual fee, renew the License for a period not exceeding one year.

Ø  IMFL and FL shall not be given or sold to certain persons:

1.       No Liquor shall be sold or given to the following persons, namely:

(i)                  Lunatics ;

(ii)                Persons known or believed to be in a State of drunkenness;

(iii)               Persons about whom it is known or suspected that they are likely to participate in the commission of sedition, insurrection, breach of peace or any other similar offence threatening public peace and tranquility;

(iv)               Soldiers in uniform and the camp servants of military officers in their uniform;

(v)                Persons below 21 years of age.

2.       The salesmen or any other person employed by the Corporation of the Shop concerned shall be held responsible for any IMFL and FL sold in contravention of this Rule.



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